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          Eligibility minimum, ages and  times, between Dan Gradings:

   Shodan   (1st Dan)  (Min Age Jnr 12, Snr 16)

 Nidan     (2nd Dan) 2 Years (Min. Age 18+)

Sandan    (3rd Dan) 3 Years (Min. Age 22+)

Yondan    (4th Dan) 4 Years (Min. Age 25+)

Godan     (5th Dan) 5 Years (Min. Age 30+) 

1)     It is proper and courteous to submit a letter requesting approval to attempt any Dan Grading Examination to the Senior      

          Instructor/Grading Examiner, formally introducing yourself and requesting the associations permission to grade. You should      

        apply only on the recommendation of your Dojosí senior instructor 

2)     Permission to grade is not automatic and must not be taken for granted . Confirmation of permission to grade will be conveyed

        to you on receipt of an application proforma.

3)     You MUST be in possesion of a CURRENT association Licence to be permited to participate in any grading examination. This

        licence must be submitted along with the appropriately completed application and pro-rata fee, at least one month prior to the

        agreed examination date.

4)     Prospective candidate intending to attempt Yondan (4th Dan) or above, will be required to submit a formal  thesis on any agreed

        aspect of karate along with their application. Advice on this can be obtained from  a Senior Instructor.

5)     Once Permission has been obtaiined and a suitable course and venue arranged, it is advisable to arrive early, wear a clean

         white karategi and allow  yourself time to prepare both physically and mentally for your best performance.

6)     The Examiners decisions are absolute, at that time, and must be accepted  WITHOUT QUESTION.

7)     The Examiner  may (or may not) choose to make comments or observations for the future advice of the candidates (pass or fail)

         as is their prerogative.

8)     Candidates failing the examination  must wait a further period of time as indicated by the Grading Examiner, before re-sitting


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