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The Shotokan Karate-do Budo Ryu Federation is a self-supporting non profit making apolitical organisation of like minded senior Shotokan Karate instructors committed to teaching the strong traditional core values of Humility, Sincerity, Discipline, Etiquette and Self-respect through  Martial Arts training. All have extensive (verifiable) pedigrees over very many years and have trained in Japan many times. All have been graded by legendary Japanese Sensei (Japanese Masters).

The association is open to all like-minded  groups or clubs wishing to pursue a path of training and development and be involved in a transparent, apolitical association aimed solely for the benefit of its membership. All member groups are autonomous and retain self-control over their local and affairs but integrate fully on instruction and examination standards and cooperation on major association events.

The association provides senior instruction and guidance, as required or requested, to all member groups/clubs to maintain consistent standards and any organisational assistance necessary to ensure the stability of the membership.

Member groups remain autonomous and retain self-control over their local affairs but must integrate fully into the association spirit, etiquette, standards of instruction, grading examinations and association events etc. All applications for affiliation will be carefully considered and answered with our best intentions.

Should you find us of interest, the association is open to all clubs or groups focused on the value of strong karate, its enjoyment and its benefits. Please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page or if you prefer you can email or telephone for any further information.

Sensei Anne Palmer (  or telephone ++ 44 (0)7885 437463

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