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The Shotokan Karate do Budo Ryu Federation

is an association dedicated to teaching the old school traditional values of

Shotokan style karate-do.

Humility, Sincerity, Discipline, Etiquette and Respect

through the medium of strong martial arts training.

Traditional Karate can be Self Defence, Fitness, and Sport but, most of all, character building. Age or sex is no barrier to enjoying the benefits of the physical and internal aspects of the art amongst a group of friends

Our associations senior officers and instructors have a strong history of Japanese karate-do streching back over  a period of, at the least, 30 to 45 years each (all carry senior Japan registered Dan black belt- gradings) and, generally, have also studied additional Japanese martial arts.



Should you, or your group, wish further information about us or affiliating to the association,

Sensei Anne Palmer (  or telephone ++ 44 (0)7885 437463


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